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About tailor-made investments and the preferences of buyers
Data publikacji: 16.08.2021

The goal of each developer is to approach the client's expectations as precisely as possible, so that the offer prepared by him is tailored to the needs of the client. What do apartment buyers require today? What must an investment have to meet the tastes of buyers and become a sales hit?

In order to understand the expectations of buyers, it is first necessary to define the target groups as precisely as possible and to describe them as well as possible. According to data compiled by JLL on the basis of users of the real estate purchasing portal, the two dominant groups of buyers are families and couples (31% and 30% of the total, respectively). On the other hand, 24% are singles, and 15% of buyers are buyers looking for investment apartments for rent. The latter group, although the smallest group, has grown most dynamically in recent times. Other sources indicate that the percentage of investors may be as high as 30%, moreover, they often buy more than one apartment at a time. The discrepancy in the above data indicates that people who buy flats for rent are less likely to search for flats through traditional shopping platforms. Their sources of obtaining information about offers may be more specialized.

The average purchased premises are 45.6 m2 and 2.5 rooms. The most popular are 2-room apartments with an average area of ​​36 m2. About 40% of all buyers choose them. Such flats are chosen by 58% of singles and more than half of the renters.

A frequent question that we have asked ourselves in the last year is how the new reality in which we find ourselves will change the preferences of apartment buyers. Do the experiences related to the pandemic have a real reflection here? It turns out that by all means - we look at the purchase of a new apartment through the prism of remote work, distance learning and limited mobility. According to statistics, the average area of ​​the apartment sought has decreased, but the number of rooms has increased. According to JLL's research, it has become important for 37% of respondents to have a separate room where it is possible to work comfortably or to provide the comfort of remote learning for children. Previously, the demand for such a room was reported by only 19% of respondents.

More than half of the respondents also expected access to a private outdoor space - a balcony, terrace and even a garden. Natural sunlight, proximity to recreational areas, silence, good air quality and broadband Internet access were also reported as important features when choosing a flat. Interestingly, the previously dominant attribute, which was the proximity of public transport, fell to the 10th place in the significance ranking. So it became obvious that the fact of spending more time "at home" changed the requirements of buyers as regards its functionality.

The apartments offered by the Bydgoszcz-based developer CDI perfectly match the new market requirements. Platanowy Park, Osiedle Rabatki and Osiedle Uniwersyteckie attract with the proximity of green areas, as well as the development of areas around the buildings, which are already a great place for a relaxing walk and admire the interesting greenery that is carefully selected for each investment. The offer includes the most desirable areas and functional layouts, also in the field of compact apartments. The apartments offered by CDI perfectly match the preferences of Bydgoszcz residents, as evidenced by very good sales results in its investments.

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