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Construction of the third stage of Platanowy Park has started
Data publikacji: 23.04.2020

While the finishing of the second stage of Platanowy Park is coming to an end, construction of the third stage of this investment has begun. As part of it, another 256 apartments, 281 individual garages and 39 external parking spaces will be built. The implementation deadline is scheduled for 1Q2023.

The third stage of Platanowy Park will consist of three cascading buildings, from 8 to 16 floors. The offer will include 256 apartments with usable floor space from 25.3 to 126.1 square meters. In addition, this stage includes 8 service premises with a total area of ​​669.6 square meters.

The multifunctional Platanowy Park complex is the largest development investment in Bydgoszcz. A dozen or so residential, office and service buildings will be built on approximately 10 hectares. Work began in 2014 with the construction of two multi-family buildings. Six buildings with 487 apartments and 30 commercial premises have already been built. Under the buildings, the contractors of the investment are building underground garages to maximally eliminate car traffic inside the estate.

The investor is the Bydgoszcz development company CDI Konsultanci Budowlani belonging to the Immobile Capital Group. The Group also owns the Makrum factory, which has stood on the investment site for over 100 years. Currently, the last stage of the demolition of the old factory is underway.