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GK IMMOBILE and MODULO innovative car parks at ‘Skuteczny Inwestor’ conference
Data publikacji: 22.05.2018

On 12 May this year Grupa Kapitałowa IMMOBILE took part in the Skuteczny Inwestor (‘Effective Investor’) conference. The event, held in Warsaw, is an initiative of the largest in the country portal for investors and enthusiasts of capital market – Strefa Inwestorów.

“After several years of break, in view of repetitive questions from participants of previous editions, especially members of the Investors Zone, we return to the idea of organising the Effective Investor conference. The Skuteczny Inwestor 2018 is devoted in 100% to investment at the stock exchange and trading. This is a place with lectures for both short-term investors and typical fundamental investors. The Skuteczny Inwestor 2018 is also an opportunity to meet representatives of capital market and selected companies” - writes the Strefa Inwestorów about the project.

Grupa Kapitałowa IMMOBILE S.A. and PROJPRZEM MAKRUM S.A. acted in the role of a silver partner of the conference, supporting an idea of active education on capital market. Our companies willingly participate in initiatives aimed at exchanging opinions and getting to know other entities operating on the market - individual investors, institutions, practitioners and specialists of the sector or economic media. Pursuant to the organisers’ assumption, the Effective Investor conference was an arena promoting knowledge about the stock exchange and finance, and lectures became never-ending discussions, actively engaging gathered guests.

Also our companies’ stand was very active and during each break in lectures created an opportunity to become familiarised with Grupa Kapitałowa IMMOBILE and PROJPRZEM MAKRUM’s activities. We prepared a surprise for participants of the conference too - evening presentation of MODULO automatic parking systems. MODULO innovative car parks of the future, whose idea is developed by the Group’s industrial sector, solve problems with parking in present-day cities. Their reception has wide repercussions and raises a great deal of interest among both customers and investors, which illustrates growing interest in these innovative products. There was no different during the Effective Investor conference where more than a hundred participants listened to Oktawian Przybylik’s lectures, a specialist representing MODULO company, and saw how such a parking platform functions in practice. The show was made attractive by vehicles which, for the presentation time, were parked on the MODULO system - impressive Tesla and hybrid Toyota which could use electric vehicle chargers that are also available in MODULO brand’s offer, promoting development of ecological transport.

We sincerely thank iTaxi brand for lending the vehicles. Our partner is a Polish application used for ordering taxis with the largest range in the country which has been operating on the market for over 5 years. The company evolves in line with the latest trends and technologies and as the first in Poland it has introduced one of the most innovative electric cars in the world into its offer - Tesla S85.