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In 2020, more apartments were commissioned than last year
Data publikacji: 01.03.2021

Although the past year has not been particularly kind to many industries, housing and development have resisted negative social and economic sentiment. In 2020, more flats were commissioned than in 2019. The number of flats for which construction permits have been issued or have been notified has also increased.

According to preliminary data of the Central Statistical Office, in the period January-December 2020, 222,000 flats were commissioned for use, which is a 7% increase compared to the previous year. Out of this total number, 143.8 thousand apartments were delivered by developers (9.4% more than in the corresponding period of 2019), while 74.1 thousand housing by individual investors (7.1% more). As part of the above-mentioned forms of construction, a total of 98.2% of the pool of completed dwellings was completed - 64.8% and 33.4% of the total, respectively. A smaller number of flats than in the previous year were completed in other forms of construction: cooperative housing (1,498 compared to 2,167) and jointly in municipal, social and company housing (2,570 compared to 4,597).

The usable floor area of ​​flats completed in 2020 was 19.6 million m2, i.e. 6.9% more than in 2019. The average usable floor area of ​​1 flat did not change significantly compared to the previous year and amounted to 88.5 m2.

In 2020, permits were issued or notifications were made for construction 275.9 thousand. dwellings (+ 2.8% y / y). Most permits were granted to developers (171.6 thousand / + 2.5% y / y) and individual investors (101.6 thousand / + 5.0%). In total, under these forms of construction, permits were obtained or a construction notification was submitted with a construction design for 99.0% of all apartments. Fewer dwellings for which construction permits were issued or for which a construction design was submitted was recorded in cooperative construction (1,171 dwellings against 1,364) and in other forms (1,585 against 2,996).

In 2020, the construction of 223.8 thousand sq m. dwellings (decrease by 5.7% y / y). Developers started the construction of 130.2 thousand sq m. dwellings (-8.3%), and individual investors - 90.3 thous. keeping the last year's level. The total share of these forms of construction was 98.5% in the total number of flats. Fewer flats under construction have been observed in co-operative construction (1,638 flats as compared to 2,058) and in other forms of construction (1,687 as compared to 2,887).

Last year, the impact of the epidemic on the housing stages currently in progress by the developer segment of the IMMOBILE Group was rather unnoticeable. However, it is difficult to estimate the long-term impact of the epidemic. It should be emphasized that the Group operates practically on its own land and can flexibly react to the changing market environment. The current investments by our subsidiary, the developer CDI, are Platanowy Park, Osiedle Uniwersyteckie and Osiedle Rabatki.

Source: GUS data