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Modern parking solutions in Platanowy Park
Data publikacji: 11.12.2020

In the completed stage II of the largest newly built housing estate in Bydgoszcz, MODULO platforms were used, which allowed for the preparation of as many as 119 parking spaces. Parking platforms are an increasingly popular solution used by architects and developers not only in Poland, but all over the world.

The number of cars in use is constantly growing, and we have problems with finding a parking space not only in the city center, but also on the backyard property. The use of platforms that allow you to park two or more cars on one standard parking space may soon become not only an innovation, but simply a necessity.

Many developers are now looking for an answer to the question of how to increase the number of parking spaces without the need to annex additional space.

- Platanowy Park is an investment that requires many modern solutions from us - says Andrzej Witkowski, Vice President of the Management Board of CDI Konsultanci Budowlani. - In the second stage, we commissioned as many as 195 apartments, and MODULO platforms allowed us to prepare the appropriate number of parking spaces in the garage hall - he adds.

- These systems are very comfortable to use, mainly due to the above-standard heights and widths of the platforms - says Przemysław Szewczyk, the manager of the Modulo Parking implementation department.

How do parking platforms work?

In its simplest terms, a parking platform is a device that allows you to park two or more cars in one standard parking space. It is possible thanks to the design of the device: systems based on parking platforms are nothing more than advanced, multi-level jacks that lift it up or down after parking the vehicle.

Three types of systems have been used in Platanowy Park.

- Each parking space is 2 meters high and over 2.5 meters wide - says Przemysław Szewczyk. - It not only gives a feeling of great comfort, but also safety when parking.

The use of parking platforms is also planned in further stages of this investment.

Platanowy Park is a multifunctional estate that is being built in the quarter of Sułkowskiego, Dwernickiego, Kamienna and Leśna streets, currently buildings are being built as part of the third stage.