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Stage 1 completed! Occupancy permit for further Platanowy Park buildings
Data publikacji: 01.02.2018

The last day of January provided the property development sector of Grupa Kapitałowa IMMOBILE with an opportunity to celebrate. We have been granted an occupancy permit for further two buildings being part of the largest development investment in Bydgoszcz - the multifunctional Platanowy Park housing estate.

On 31 January 2018, representatives of the Group’s development sector were served final decisions of the Poviat Construction Oversight Inspector for the City of Bydgoszcz concerning an occupancy permit for the two buildings at 20 and 22 Leśna Street.

Next week, the first residents will collect the keys to their new flats. Due to the large number of flats sold and the long queue of new owners, the whole delivery process will take several weeks.

We are about to start handing over the 148 flats – informs Andrzej Witkowski, Member of the Management Board of the CDI 3 company. – The building features a two-storey underground garage with 164 parking spaces. The ground floor will contain 19 commercial premises.This is another stage in the construction of the multifunctional Platanowy Park housing estate, which is to occupy an area of over 9 ha. The residents’ recreational needs, playgrounds, and a friendly environment were taken into consideration already at the design stage.

The commercial premises on the ground floor and part of the rich road and park infrastructure surrounding the buildings are still under construction.

This is what the buildings looked like from above about a month ago, when advanced works on the aesthetics of their surroundings and on the balconies were still under way:

Platanowy Park is a multifunctional housing estate occupying an area of nearly 10 ha, demarcated by Sułkowskiego, Dwernickiego, Kamienna, and Leśna Streets in Bydgoszcz. The planned buildings include residential premises, but also office spaces, retail and service premises, green areas, access roads, and parking spaces. The modern, spacious architecture combines functionality with remarkable aesthetic values. This is a perfect investment for anyone who appreciates the comfort of living on a quiet housing estate that offers attractions and entertainment normally associated with the city centre.

Two buildings at 19 and 21 Leśna Street, i.e. Stage 0 of the project, were commissioned 2 years ago. Works on the next stage (Stage 2) of the investment project will commence soon — we informed before Christmas that the building permit had been obtained.