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Take part in investor's chat with GK IMMOBILE & Strefa Inwestorów
Data publikacji: 29.05.2019

We cordially invite you to follow and actively participate in Grupa Kapitałowa IMMOBILE investor chat, which will be hold next Tuesday. The company will be represented by the Management Board, and the conversation will take place on the pages of the most popular portal for capital market enthusiasts - Strefa Inwestorów (Investors' Zone).

The investor chat will start on Tuesday, June 4 at 13:00. The IMMOBILE Group will be represented by: Rafał Jerzy - President of the Board, Sławomir Winiecki - Vice President of the Board and Piotr Fortuna - CFO & Member of the Board.

The Investors' Zone allows for asking questions in advance, so from now on everyone can send a question about issues related to the company, and on Tuesday sit in front of the computer screen and follow the discussion with company representatives. The chat record after the meeting will be available in the Investor's Zone and in the blog of Grupa Kapitałowa IMMOBILE.

Investor chat is a meeting of company with investors organized via Internet. Chat participants ask questions and the company's representatives respond. Investor chat is probably the best method of interactive communication between the company and investors. On the one hand, it allows investors from all over Poland and even from around the world to ask questions to the company's representatives. On the other hand, the company has the opportunity to contact investors and provide the most important information and pay attention to the most important issues.