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The most important events of 2018 for Grupa Kapitałowa IMMOBILE
Data publikacji: 03.01.2019

January usually stands for summaries. Preparing for publication of the financial report for 2018, which we will publish soon, we can summarize the most important events of the past twelve months. This was another successful year for Grupa Kapitałowa IMMOBILE S.A.!

One of the most important events of the past twelve months is the payment of dividends. The IMMOBILE Group shared its profit with the shareholders for the third year in a row, once again increasing the dividend rate. It amounted to PLN 0.07 per share.

This year we met twice in a wide group with the most active representatives of our shareholders - during the June General Meeting and the December Christmas meeting, each time enjoying a large attendance. We also took part in many initiatives in the field of investor relations (chats, conferences, videopresentations, result-meetings) and we were always glad to answer questions from investors and all those interested in our company. Another year in a row, an open communication policy was our distinguishing feature on the Polish capital market.

The year 2018 was very successful for the Group's development segment. We have completed our signature investment - the office building IMMOBILE K3, located in the heart of Bydgoszcz. According to the plan, the next stage of the largest new housing estate in this city - Platanowy Park - was carried out. In addition, the second stage housing investment, Osiedle Uniwersyteckie, was launched. This segment already has new ideas for future development, about which we will certainly inform in the new year!

The Group's hotel activity did not lag behind - in 2018 we opened two new hotels - in Sopot and Poznań. They quickly adapted to the market environment, collecting successful reviews. The historic Hotel Pod Orłem in Bydgoszcz finished its first full year of operation within our network. The new year will give this object a fresh touch - renovations are underway here. The entire Focus Hotels network in 2019 will bring at least one opening. We expect the facility to be launched in Lublin. We are also working on the reconstruction of one of the Group's properties for another hotel in Bydgoszcz.

The industrial segment was very successful, including the production and sale of docking solutions and parking systems as well as crushing and grinding machines. Standing at its head PROJPRZEM MAKRUM S.A., after a period of intensive restructuring, regularly improves its results and is more and more appreciated by investors, what can be seen in the share price of this company, increasing during this year by almost 41%. The most important growth factors in the previous year for PROJPRZEM MAKRUM included the maintenance of high level of exports and increase in domestic sales, sale of unprofitable assets, dynamic development of the reactivated branch of activity - industrial construction, increase in recognition and sale of the MODULO Parking brand and stable position of the largest sector of the Group - docking solutions.

We are excited about entering the New Year, seeing in it further development potential for all companies of Grupa Kapitałowa IMMOBILE. We thank you for being with us, wishing you successes on many levels and successful investment choices.