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The next stage of the Platanowy Park is already out of the ground
Data publikacji: 17.07.2018

The construction of the next stage of the Platanowy Park estate has recently began. Two buildings, located by Leśna 24 and 26, slowly emerge from the ground.

Platanowy Park, the largest in our region for years, phased development project with accompanying commercial, service and cultural functions, is now four multi-family buildings.Stage 0 was implemented in 2015, and stage I was completed at the end of last year, when preparatory work to start the construction of stage II was in progress.Construction has begun in the spring, cranes and walls have been arriving in its area, and future residents of Platanowy Park are already planning their dream home.We present a photographic construction diary from the last three months of the construction.

May - marking the building and laying foundations:

June - pad foundations, columns and part of the garage wall:

In June, the construction site was visited by members of the Bydgoszcz branch of the Youth Circle PZITB O. Bydgoszcz. This time, young engineers watched the "housing development". Mateusz Stolarczuk, Construction Manager, was the guide of the Platanowy Park, and Aleksandra Wróbel, Specialist in Technical Customer Service, talked about the finishing works standards.

July - three cranes are already working on the construction site, and the outline of the second stage buildings is becoming more and more visible:

We invite you to follow our website and social media to keep up with the progress in creating the Platanowy Park, and all those interested in apartments available in this investment are invited to:

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