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Visualizations of the third stage of the Platanowy Park
Data publikacji: 27.08.2020

The construction of the third stage of the Platanowy Park already started some time ago. Another 256 apartments and commercial premises will be built here. We present visualizations of three buildings that will be built as part of this stage, including the highest, 15-story building.

Platanowy Park is our largest investment in Bydgoszcz. It is divided into ten architecturally diverse stages. When designing the estate, the idea was to create a place friendly to its residents. For this purpose, car traffic was minimized thanks to the connection of the garage halls with underground tunnels. The estate is also distinguished by a large share of green areas and the lack of fences between the individual stages.

Some time ago, works related to the construction of the third stage have started, which includes 3 residential buildings, including the highest 15-storey building in the entire estate, measuring about 57 meters, which will certainly be a distinctive architectural dominant of the northern part of Bydgoszcz and will provide residents with fantastic views of the city panorama . In the third stage of Platanowy Park, 256 apartments of various sizes (from 25.3 to 126.1 m2) will be built, and in the ground-floor parts there will be space for commercial premises. The expected completion date is the turn of 2022 and 2023.

Platanowy Park is a multifunctional housing estate developed on almost 10 hectares of land in the quarter of Sułkowskiego, Dwernickiego, Kamienna and Leśna streets. It includes both housing and office functions, as well as commercial and service areas, green areas, access roads and parking spaces.Modern, spatial architecture combines functionality with high aesthetic values.This investment is ideal for people who appreciate the comfort of living in a quiet neighborhood, with access to the attractions and entertainment of the city center.