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We offer apartments with a rental guarantee
Data publikacji: 28.02.2019

The portfolio of the development segment of Grupa Kapitałowa IMMOBILE includes two large residential investments - Platanowy Park and Osiedle Uniwersyteckie. Excellent location and a number of modern solutions make them not only a dream place to live, but thanks to the program prepared by the CDI developer, also a great bargain for investors.

For people who would like to invest in apartments for rent, special conditions for the purchase of a flat for investment purposes, with a guarantee of rent have been prepared. The purchased apartment is provided with a rent for a period of 5 years. Joining the program is very simple - it starts with choosing a property in accordance with the investor's preferences and finances. CDI offers investment clients the purchase of a flat together with a storage room and a parking space as well as its comprehensive finishing and furnishing in a fixed budget. The price includes preparation of the premises for rent, i.e. consultation with the interior designer, preparation of the project and supervision over the work carried out.

Our task is to find a tenant and make all formalities related to renting. Deciding to buy a flat as an investment, the investor gains time, security, comfort and income. Determining the rate of return for the customer is based on market analysis and rates for properties with a similar standard and location. Profits from renting can significantly exceed those from bank deposits.

Taking part in the program is a great alternative to managing the rented flat by its owner. An independent rentier on his way may face such problems as lack of time to check payments, make repairs or tenants' search, deal with dishonest tenants, destruction of property, fees delays and much more. According to the report REAS / Mieszkanicznik Najem Mieszkań w Polsce 2018, up to every third owner faces problems with the timely enforcement of fees, and almost every fifth struggled with the complaints of neighbors on their tenants. Transferring these issues to as experienced manager as CDI Konsultanci Budowlani, allows you to enjoy stable profit without problems.

As part of the offer, CDI concludes a contract for the management of the premises with the owner and undertakes to comprehensively service its lease. A 5-year contract is a guarantee of a steady profit for the rentier, with no obligations resulting from the management of the apartment. Within this framework, CDI undertakes to:

  • searching for tenants;

  • negotiating and signing lease agreements;

  • representing owners against tenants;

  • representing the owners on the basis of the power of attorney granted before state offices, self-government administration bodies, banks, post offices and other institutions, including housing communities

  • sign contracts with media suppliers;

  • quick, effective and professional interventions in all kinds of emergency failures and emergency situations;

  • collecting income from renting a flat;

  • tenant settlement due to rent and utilities consumption;

  • collect debt from the tenant by sending disciplinary letters requesting payment, and, if necessary, by pursuing claims through court and enforcement proceedings on behalf of the owner;

  • keeping current correspondence related to the activities performed;

  • keeping records of income and costs related to the rented dwelling;

  • settle the obligations of the owner towards the Housing Community or other institutions;

  • periodic presentation to the owners of financial statements.

In addition, CDI offers assistance in the preparation of an apartment for subsequent leases, ie renewing, renovating, remodeling and furnishing the premises.

Platanowy Park is a multifunctional housing estate developed on almost 10 hectares of land, in the quarter of Sułkowskiego, Dwernickiego, Kamienna and Leśna streets. Planned development includes both housing functions as well as office, commercial and service areas, green areas, access roads and parking spaces. Modern, spatial architecture combines functionality with high aesthetic values. This investment is ideal for people who appreciate the comfort of living in a quiet housing estate, with simultaneous access to attractions and entertainment of the city center. It is also a perfect location for those looking for flats for investment purposes.

Osiedle Uniwersyteckie is an investment located on a 5 hectare plot at Strzeleckiego street in Bydgoszcz. Within its framework, 15 residential buildings with a total of around 600 apartments are planned. The first stage is under construction, consisting of three 4-storey residential buildings of the first stage, with a total of 108 apartments and a total usable area of 4,431 sq m. Within its framework, there will also be 36 individual garages built into buildings and 72 external parking spaces. The implementation was planned for the period from the fourth quarter of 2018 to the fourth quarter of 2019.

Soon, further development projects of the company will join the program.