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With a view of Bydgoszcz - the dominant feature of the Platanowy Park investment
Data publikacji: 29.01.2021

High-rise residential buildings very often attract more interest than standard ones, limited to a few storeys. What should an architect consider when planning high-rise buildings in a housing estate?

First of all, the design must take into account the assumptions of the local spatial development plan, which informs, inter alia, on the purpose of areas, streets, roads, division into building plots or the height of buildings. The Platanowy Park estate that is under construction in Bydgoszcz is an excellent example of how to plan buildings with different floors, so that each of them fits well into the project, and all of them create a coherent whole. In the currently implemented stage III of the estate, a 15-story architectural dominant is being built, which is the tallest building in this part of the city.

- Turned in relation to all buildings, it will close the viewing axis, which will ultimately be created from the intersection of Kamienna / Sułkowskiego streets and will lead into the housing estate - says Karol Fiedor - head of the CDF Studio, responsible for the design of the estate - It will be a characteristic point that will organize the space around it .

When planning high-rise buildings, it is also important to conduct an analysis of insolation and shading of neighboring buildings: the investor, in addition to presenting the construction design, also prepares a draft of such an analysis, documenting that the planned building meets these criteria. In short: the time of insolation of the apartments in the building and in its vicinity should be not less than 3 hours (at least in one of the rooms).

The tallest building in Platanowy Park, on the top floors, will offer a panoramic view of the city towards the south and a view of the Myślenice towards the north.

- The architecture of the dominant is supposed to be simple and elegant. Well thought-out divisions of the façade are aimed at slenderizing the body. Large glazing, carefully arranged terraces and loggias make the building sustainable, timeless and will not follow the changing trends in architecture - says Karol Fiedor.

Two spacious, nearly 100-meter apartments are planned on the top floor of this 50-meter building. One of them has already been booked by the client who, almost from the very beginning of presenting the estate concept, actively participated in the design of his future apartment.

Planning of the entire estate must take into account not only spatial relations between buildings, but also the functioning of residents in the designed development. The space in which we live should evoke a sense of comfort and security. There is a reason why the main goal of Platanowy Park is to create a place where car traffic takes place only on its border and in underground garage halls, and the center of the estate will be given to its residents - thanks to spacious patios, playgrounds and carefully planned green areas. The designed development, with various storeys, fits perfectly as a whole, and the mentioned 15-storey building is to become a characteristic point that will organize the space around itself.

Platanowy Park in Bydgoszcz is one of the development investments of Grupa Kapitałowa IMMOBILE S.A., listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2007. The group combines companies operating in such sectors as development, industrial construction, hotel industry, heavy industry, as well as automation and power engineering. The leader of the Group's development segment - CDI Konsultanci Budowlani - is responsible for the development of the estate.