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Another initiative of the Immo Foundation
Data publikacji: 29.04.2020

Grupa Kapitałowa IMMOBILE, together with the Immo Foundation, continues the initiative to increase biodiversity in the city by greening free spaces. This time, new trees will decorate the Old Market in Bydgoszcz. A total of 15 pots with plants in various compositions will appear on the revitalized plate, and part of the money for the purchase of plant material comes from the Immo Foundation.

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Among the planted plants there were also larger trees, such as serrated cherry, narrow-leaved olive tree and pine. An additional complement will be multi-colored compositions of plants. The foundation deals with the promotion of green infrastructure in cities as an effective method to minimize the effects of climate change.

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Why do we plant trees? Here are the goals of the Immo Foundation:

  • measures to minimize the effects of climate change in the city,

  • popularizing sustainable development of urban infrastructure in order to preserve a friendly and healthy ecosystem,

  • increasing biodiversity in cities by greening free spaces,

  • leveling of air pollution.


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