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Grupa Kapitałowa IMMOBILE invests in Bydgoszcz
Data publikacji: 16.02.2021

- Due to the fact that Grupa Kapitałowa Immobile is a holding of companies operating in various industries, we can now afford smooth operation - says Rafał Jerzy, CEO of GKI. Many investments carried out by the company have a significant impact on Bydgoszcz. Suffice it to mention that two of them happen in its very center. Recently, the company announced the conclusion of a conditional purchase agreement for another company with Bydgoszcz roots. It is a group of companies associated with the Quiosque clothing brand.

In 2017, the Group bought Hotel Pod Orłem, which has since started operating under the Focus Hotels brand.

- Our plan is to restore this hotel to its former glory - says Rafał Jerzy.

A great step in rebuilding this legend is the opening of the restaurant "Gdańska 14" in May. For several months, work has been underway on the metamorphosis of the iconic Column Hall and conference rooms on the mezzanine, as well as the reconstruction of the historic entrance to the restaurant on Gdańska Street. As a result, the premises will no longer be dedicated only to hotel guests, but will be "given" to residents and everyone staying in Bydgoszcz.

Future prospects

Another facility under the Focus Hotels brand is also being built in the historic part of the city, right on the Brda River, at 13 Bernardyńska Street. The reconstruction of the former Projprzem office building is almost complete. The façade is ready, which on the lower floors refers to the historic fabric of the city. The upper floors are glazed on each side, thanks to which - like in a mirror - the panorama of the city is reflected in them. Currently, finishing works are underway in the hotel rooms, and the opening is planned for the middle of this year.

- We assume that the situation will eventually return to normal. Bydgoszcz has great potential and we are convinced that the city will continue to develop intensively. The hotel infrastructure is necessary for this - says Rafał Jerzy.

New housing estates and new trees

GK Immobile has a significant impact on the landscape of Bydgoszcz, also through development investments carried out by CDI Konsultanci Budowlani.

- Currently, we are building 3 housing estates: Platanowy Park in Leśny, Osiedle Uniwersyteckie in Fordon and Rabatki by the Bydgoszcz Canal - says the vice president of CDI Konsultanci Budowlani Sp. z o.o. Andrzej Witkowski. - We always want to create a space that is friendly to residents. Therefore, among others we take care of attractive landscaping in each of the estates. Our latest investment by the Czarna Droga Rabatki - directly refers to the gardening tradition of this place - he adds.

The fact that ecological activities are one of the pillars of GK Immobile is confirmed by the IMMO Foundation operating within its structure, whose primary goal is to plant trees in our city.

- So far we have planted 156 trees, and we have a lot of plans for this year - says Maria Loskot, representing the Foundation.

It is worth adding that the headquarters of the Group is located in the modern Immobile K3 office building at Plac Kościeleckich. Its construction contributed to the metamorphosis of this part of the city.

- We are always happy that by conducting our investments, we can have a real impact on shaping the image of Bydgoszcz - says Rafał Jerzy.

From Bydgoszcz to the whole of Poland

Recently, the company announced the conclusion of a conditional purchase agreement for another company with Bydgoszcz roots. It is a group of companies associated with the Quiosque clothing brand. Their headquarters is in Bydgoszcz, here also in 1992 the first store was opened by Długa Street. Currently, Quioisque is the largest chain in the country targeted at women in terms of the number of stores. It also sells online. If will it finally join the family of companies of the Immobile Group, we will find out in some time, because the conclusion of the final sales agreement depends, among others, on the consent of UOKiK and the Supervisory Board.