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Immobile K3 - office space in a new reality
Data publikacji: 18.12.2020

The situation related to the epidemiological threat completely changed our everyday life, our approach to many matters, including the professional life of many people. From day to day, conferences, meetings and meetings, which are so important in building business relations, have been reduced to a minimum. How did this affect the commercial real estate market?

All public utility facilities, common spaces and workplaces had to adapt very quickly to the new restrictions. A board member of CDI Konsultanci Budowlani Sp. z o.o. Maciej Wawrzyniak says:

- We have applied a number of solutions to minimize the danger. Starting with the preparation of boards informing about the basic hygiene rules, such as spacing between people, the prohibition of traveling in elevators, the obligation to cover the mouth and nose, through the setting of non-contact disinfectant dispensers, as well as disinfecting all elements exposed to frequent touch, i.e. elevator buttons, handles , door, training of the building staff. In addition, we have increased the frequency of inspections and maintenance of air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Importantly, the currently used highly efficient ventilation systems with the use of filters guarantee air exchange at a level that ensures the safety of staying in offices.

Home office and introducing new employees

Some tenants Immobile K3 has introduced restrictions on office work, from the hybrid mode, where teams come alternately, to full remote work, i.e. home office.

Performing work duties from home is nowadays particularly often practiced on the Warsaw market, which is characterized by high saturation with corporate tenants, but also due to the layout of offices dominated by open space layouts, where the density of workstations per room is much higher. Moreover, in the new situation, communicators and teleconferencing platforms have become obligatory tools.

All this means that the problems of creating new task teams from scratch are becoming increasingly noticeable. Just as the transition to remote work of people who previously cooperated did not reduce the quality of work, the recruitment and implementation of the team on the basis of remote work is more difficult for teamleaders and employers. However, we know well that not all industries can work remotely.

Office buildings in a new reality

Among those who have been working from home for several months now, there are many who are eagerly waiting to get back to normal. Let's not forget that work also provides us with basic socialization needs and allows us to build interpersonal contacts. The office market has been put in a new, undoubtedly difficult situation, but it seems that office buildings that can offer work in safe and comfortable conditions will do well. Moreover, they can become an example of the proper implementation of new procedures.

- The ongoing talks on the lease of space with several companies allow us to look positively into the future. The commercialization level of the building is 75% - says Maciej Wawrzyniak from CDI Konsultanci Budowlani.