Join the 1H2019 results webinar of GK IMMOBILE with the President Rafał Jerzy - News - Grupa Kapitałowa Immobile S.A.

Join the 1H2019 results webinar of GK IMMOBILE with the President Rafał Jerzy
Data publikacji: 23.09.2019

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On Wednesday, October 2, 2019, you can join the 1H2019 results webinar of Grupa Kapitałowa IMMOBILE S.A. It will be led by the company’s President of the Board, Rafał Jerzy, discussing the newly published semi annual results and answering viewers’ questions.

Grupa Kapitałowa IMMOBILE on the occasion of the publication of the financial report for 1H2019, decided to meet the expectations of individual investors and other participants of the capital market by organizing the webinar. Webinar is a free online live meeting that enables two-way communication between the host and the participants. It will be led by the President of the Board Rafał Jerzy, presenting the results worked out by the company in the past half of 2019. Then, a question and answer session will take place, during which viewers will be able to directly ask about the issues discussed and obtain additional information about the company’s operations.

The event will start on Wednesday, 2/10/2019, at 14:00 (2PM).

Participation in the webinar does not require any previous entries, just join it by clicking below:

or by direct link:

Webinar also provides a teleconference function. If at the moment you will not have access to a web browser, use the number below to connect to the event: +48 (22) 209-2520. Participant’s PIN is 691717# – when prompted for the PIN of the presenter or participant, confirm by sign #

The number of viewers is limited, so we encourage you to run the webinar before the start time.

Grupa Kapitałowa IMMOBILE S.A. shows that innovative investor relations do not have to be the domain of only the largest companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Investigations of the quality of investor relations in Poland and worldwide clearly indicate that investors want companies to communicate with them using a variety of tools. Companies with high quality communication are appreciated by investors who perceive them as trustworthy and reliable. Forms of teleconferences, live coverage or webinars are often indicated as a desirable element of communication of listed companies, in connection with its convenience and directness. At the same time, just only a few WSE companies choose such initiatives.