"Office with a view of Bydgoszcz" - Outsourcing & More magazine about IMMOBILE K3 - News - Grupa Kapitałowa Immobile S.A.

"Office with a view of Bydgoszcz" - Outsourcing & More magazine about IMMOBILE K3
Data publikacji: 30.12.2019

In the November issue of Outsourcing & More, the Immobile K3 office building was an example of a workplace that is not only functional and comfortable, but created according to a specific idea. This is an attractive and modern place, perfectly in line with the idea of ​​employer branding. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the entire content in electronic form on the website www.outsourcingandmore.pl in issue 6/2019.

"K3 was a unique project for us from the very beginning" - says Maciej Wawrzyniak, director of sales and property management. "The office building was built in the historic part of the city, which has been virtually undeveloped in recent years. The building not only changed her face, but also breathed life here, which centuries ago on Plac Kościeleckich flourished. We also knew that we would work in this office alone" - Maciej Wawrzyniak adds.

In July, rooms on the 4th floor and a significant part of the 3rd were occupied by employees of the Grupa Kapitałowa IMMOBILE, to which CDI Konsultanci Budowlani belongs.

"A big challenge for us was the arrangement of offices and common spaces, because we wanted not only to create interesting interiors, we wanted employees to just feel good here" - says Agata Bil-Jahr.

"Taking into account the way of work of each of the companies belonging to our Group, with the cooperation of designers, we have limited the number of openspaces in favor of multi-stand, separate rooms. Before we decided on specific furniture models, we did some research among employees. Many of them emphasized that one of the determinants of a comfortable workplace is large desks. Therefore, we knew what to look for" - says Maciej Wawrzyniak. "Importantly, GK Immobile brings together companies operating in various sectors: development, industrial and hotel. Therefore, Immobile K3 employs specialists from various fields, including: constructors, technologists, traders, engineers, property managers and specialists in investor relations. Each of them has slightly different needs" - Maciej Wawrzyniak adds.

The office building has a two-level parking lot, available 24 hours a day and bicycle stands. Cyclists can use not only a special cloakroom, but also a shower. Tenants of one of the areas are restaurateurs popular in Bydgoszcz who have opened La Rosa restaurant at Immobile K3, offering among others lunches and breakfasts, which office workers willingly use. After work, you can spend a nice time there with a glass of good wine.

It is often said that today's labor market is the employee market. A rich "CV" must not only have a job seeker, but also a company that wants to recruit qualified specialists. According to research, an attractive workplace is one of the most important assets that the employer can "boast" during recruitment. And the office with a panoramic view of the city - why not!

The MDD company, which owns the photos presented in the entry, is responsible for the furniture.

Source: https://mdd.pl/office/immobile-3k/