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Our relation from a unique event for Investors - 'Quo Vadis Giełdo?'
Data publikacji: 18.12.2019

On December 6, a special event for the Investors and Shareholders of the company took place in Bydgoszcz's Hotel Pod Orłem in Bydgoszcz. "Quo Vadis Giełdo?" was a unique meeting of guests and management boards of the IMMOBILE Group' companies, combined with an extraordinary general meeting and an expert debate.

We present a video and an gallery of the event:

We invited all investment enthusiasts as well as long-term and new Shareholders of Grupa Kapitałowa IMMOBILE S.A.to participate in this event. We gathered over 100 people!

We started this special day at 2PM with the Group's companies fair, during which, at individual stands, the management boards of all companies presented their activities and held talks with the guests. At the same time, registration for the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders began, so every minute more guests arrived, and the 'column room' in which the fair was held filled with lively discussion.

After an hour long fairs and closing the registration at the General Meeting, the guests moved to the 'raspberry hall', where the main points of the event took place. On the general meeting, the main topic of which was the purchase of own shares (more information in a separate entry), guests were welcomed by the president of the IMMOBILE Group Rafał Jerzy. He also briefly presented the most important results achieved by the company in recent periods and presented the perspectives for the near future, after which he invited representatives of the Group companies on the stage who told about the activities in their specialized industries and answered the questions that were most often asked to them a few moments earlier by visitors of the fairs.

Another point of the meeting was a joint lunch and time for further conversations. At 5PM, a unique debate began with well-known capital market figures. During the debate six experts talked about the stock market and investing, prospects for the near future, the bull market spectrum, the latest regulations relevant for investors or a comparison of Polish and foreign stocks. Rafał Irzyński from 'Strefa Inwestorów', Mirosław Kachniewski from the Association of Stock Exchange Issuers, Maciej Samcik from the 'Subiektywnie o finansach' blog, Michał Stopka from the 'Inwestor Profesjonalny' blog and Michał Stalmach representing 'Skarbiec TFI' presented their opinions. The discussion was led and moderated by Michał Masłowski, Vice President of the Association of Individual Investors. We would like to thank all participants of the discussion for their commitment and valuable injection of capital market education.

After the official part of the event, it was time to cheer up our guests. The crowning achievement of the event was the performance of the star of the Polish cabaret - Jerzy Kryszak, who made guests laugh, including in his stories anecdotes referring to the company and the topic of investing.

The next day, we invited those willing to take a trip around the most important investments of our company. Adverse weather did not discourage our most persistent guests who saw the office of the new headquarters of the IMMOBILE Group companies, which is also one of the leading projects of the Group's development sector, subsequent stages of the multifunctional Platanowy Park housing estate and the industrial sector production plant in Koronowo, where mainly docking solutions and automatic parking lots are produced. These devices could be seen up close - specially for our guests specialists of Projprzem Makrum made their presentation. Visitors also saw the production hall and construction site associated with the investment in the expansion of the capacity and efficiency of this plant.

Traditionally, we would like to thank everyone present at the events on December 6 and 7 and for their involvement and participation in the General Meeting of Shareholders of Grupa Kapitałowa IMMOBILE S.A. We are pleased that once again we were able to gather in such a large group and meet new Shareholders. In total, we hosted over 100 people and broke another record of shareholders registered at the General Meeting! We would like to maintain this convention of meetings with investors, which is still not very popular on the Polish market, and offer some additional value to those who invest in our company's shares. This is by far the best form of mutual contact and exploration of our development plans.

Above all, however, we invite you to participate in the next General Meeting of Shareholders and initiatives of our company.