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Resolutions of the General Meeting of Shareholders of December 6, 2019
Data publikacji: 09.12.2019

On Friday, December 6, 2019, the second General Meeting of Grupa Kapitałowa IMMOBILE S.A. was held this year. Traditionally, we managed to gather an excellent and numerous group of Shareholders who made decisions regarding the subject of the purchase of the company's own shares.

After numerous conversations and suggestions of the Shareholders, the management board of the IMMOBILE Group decided to propose the purchase of own shares, which was the main topic of the Extraordinary General Meeting. The General Meeting of Shareholders began with the registration of participants before 3PM. About 54 Shareholders entitled to vote appeared from among 62 registered persons, and tehy represented a total of almost 43 million votes.

The meeting was opened by the chairman of the company's supervisory board, Mirosław Babiaczyk, who then handed over the meeting to Marcin Marczuk, who was elected in the first vote. Prior to voting, President of the Board Rafał Jerzy also took the floor, explaining the reasons why the company decided to vote on the topic of purchase and s how this would affect the Shareholders' interest. Earlier, the topic of purchase was also discussed at the fairs preceding General Meeting, during which guests could talk with the management boards of all companies belonging to the Group.

During the voting on the authorization to purchase the Company's own shares and determining the conditions for the purchase of shares, 38 844 269 votes were cast in favor of this resolution. 1,301 votes were cast against the resolution and there were 4,000 351 abstentions. The next voting in question regarding the creation of reserve capital for the purchase of own shares by the Company, raised 42,832,666 positive votes. 0 votes were cast against this resolution and 13 255 were abstaining.

Full text of passed resolutions is avaliable at our website.

The General Meeting of Shareholders was accompanied by other important events, including the debate of capital market experts 'Quo Vadis Giełdo'. We gathered a total of over 100 guests. We will soon present a comprehensive coverage of these events.

We would like to thank all shareholders for their involvement and participation in the General Meeting of Shareholders of the IMMOBILE S.A. Group. We are happy that once again we managed to gather in such a large group and meet new shareholders. This is definitely the best form of mutual contact and deepening of the management plans of individual companies. Above all, however, we invite you to participate in the next General Meetings and other events of our company.