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Projprzem Budownictwo will build the Research and Development Center of the Lech Poznań Academy
Data publikacji: 12.04.2021

Projprzem Budownictwo will help Lech Poznań in raising new football stars! The company will build a modern Research and Development Center of the Lech Poznań Academy in Wronki. The entire investment will cost PLN 40 million, of which over PLN 27 million is the remuneration of the general contractor.

The investment of the Lech Poznań Academy in Wronki has just started. The last stage before the symbolic “shoveling” was signing a contract with the general contractor - Projprzem Budownictwo, worth over PLN 27 million.

Works on the investment will be carried out in two ways. Later this year, the football simulator skills.lab will be launched. It is an advanced training system that is a tool for the regular assessment and development of players and teams. The training arena is a training novelty that so far is only available in Munich and San Francisco.

By June 30, 2022, Projprzem Budownictwo undertook to finalize the construction of a boarding house with changing rooms, rooms for young footballers, physiotherapeutic offices, rich social and technical facilities, as well as a conference room where briefings can be held.

Projprzem Budownictwo is a company with over 70 years of experience in industrial construction. Since 2017, he has been operating in the structures listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, Grupa Kapitałowa IMMOBILE and the PJP Makrum Industrial Group.

Last year, the industrial construction segment recorded a very dynamic, as much as 94.4% increase in sales (+ PLN 89.1 million compared to 2019). Due to such dynamic development, the fourth branch of Projprzem Budownictwo was opened at the beginning of April. Currently, they are located in Warsaw, Wrocław, Poznań and Bydgoszcz. The company starts the year 2021 with a portfolio of orders in the amount of PLN 100 million, to be implemented in each of the following two years.

- Currently, the two most important projects on which we are working are the construction of the "Perfumiarnia" estate in Poznań (contract value close to PLN 75 million) and the expansion of the gas compressor station in Odolanów (contact value approx. PLN 85 million) - reveals Dariusz Paprzycki, president of Projprzem Budownictwo. - The most complex technical project that we had the opportunity to implement is also behind us, i.e. the expansion of the Bridgestone production plant in Poznań.

Cooperation with Lech Poznań will result in another unique project in Projprzem's portfolio.

- We treat the development of our Academy as a priority, because in Lech we want to consistently focus on training young people and bringing up the next generations of excellent footballers. That is why we place great emphasis on infrastructure, because we want our young players to have the best possible conditions to develop their talent. It is for them that we are building the most modern training center in this part of Europe - says Lech's president, Karol Klimczak. visualizations by Pracownia EV Architects / press materials