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Replace your old apartment with a new one with CDI developer
Data publikacji: 22.01.2021

Endless renovations, problems with both gas and electricity installations, too few parking spaces or the lack of an elevator are universal problems for residents of older buildings. We often put off dreams of a new home due to finances or fear of a huge amount of formalities. And what if you could replace such an old apartment with a new one, without unnecessary problems?

The leader of the development segment of the IMMOBILE Group, the company CDI, has prepared a special "Old for new" proposal, thanks to which you can live in a comfortable apartment in the best locations in Bydgoszcz. At the beginning, the client selects an apartment that meets the requirements from the available offer. A CDI KB employee makes a free valuation, then prepares an attractive offer to buy an old apartment and presents a special offer for a new one.

It is worth noting that the own contribution when buying a new apartment is the value of the old one and the transation is free from PCC tax on real estate purchase.

Together with the formal activities related to the purchase of an apartment, we support technical activities that affect the final shape of the property. The design and finishing works can be commissioned to one of the proven companies cooperating with us. Thanks to this offer, moving to a new apartment may finally become real!

Many people of various age groups have already benefited from the "Old to New" program. For young people, it is an opportunity to purchase real estate in a much better location. Older people often changed larger flats into smaller ones, mainly because of the rent. Convenience, in contrast to the old construction, are also lifts, which are a great help in everyday functioning. Our offer includes both apartments in Platanowy Park in Osiedle Leśne in Bydgoszcz and in Osiedle Uniwersyteckie in one of the best locations in Bydgoszcz's Fordon. Soon the offer will also include another investment that the developer CDI will implement at Czarna Droga by the Bydgoski Channel.