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We are returning to Platanowy Park - stage III is growing!
Data publikacji: 16.09.2021

Platanowy Park is a multi-stage, largest of the newly built housing estates in Bydgoszcz. It is being built on almost 10 hectares of space, in the quarter of Sułkowskiego, Dwernickiego, Kamienna and Leśna streets. The planned development includes both residential functions as well as office, commercial and service space, green areas, access roads and parking spaces. Advanced works are currently underway at the third stage of the investment.

In the courtyard of the third stage, the underground garage ceiling was waterproofed. Thanks to this, it will be possible to fertilize the soil there and develop the area at a later stage of construction. In the meantime, a second pavement was built along the 1st and 2nd stage (from Sułkowskiego Street), and plane trees will be planted between them. In October, the contractor plans to start the construction of the façade on building C. Inside, partition walls are being bricked and the installations are being installed.

Construction of the third stage of Platanowy Park started in spring 2020. Work began on the tallest building - the estate's dominant, then work began on the central L-shaped building, and finally on the building at the intersection of Dwernickiego and Leśna Streets.

Currently, the contractor is constructing the structure of all three buildings. In the middle building, the flat roof above the lower part of the building has already been flooded and windows are being installed. The dominant has reached half of its target height. Soon the installation of windows will begin there. On the other hand, the construction of the fourth floor is in progress on the building from the side of Leśna Street.


So far, 144 apartments in the ‘0’ stage and 148 apartments in the ‘I’ stage have been completed. At stage ‘II’, completed in November last year, there are still a few vacant apartments out of 195 completed. For the first time at this stage of the investment, apart from standard parking spaces, MODULO parking platforms were used, which allows for a significant increase in the number of parking spaces without the need to add additional space. These devices will also be installed in the currently under construction stage ‘III’. Three buildings are being built in parallel, including the highest 15-story building in the entire estate, which will undoubtedly become the showpiece of this part of Bydgoszcz, which you will see in the first quarter of 2023.