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Grupa Kapitałowa IMMOBILE at the Finance and Investment Forum
Data publikacji: 02.01.2020

Meet Grupa Kapitałowa IMMOBILE at the Finance and Investment Forum, which will be held on January 10-11, 2019 at PGE Narodowy in Warsaw! During this event, representatives of our company will be available at a dedicated stand, and the President of the Board Rafał Jerzy will take part in the expert debate on investing in real estate.

The Finance and Investment Forum is an event for people thinking about investing their first savings as well as for experienced and active investors. During two days, participants will have the opportunity to hold meetings and direct talks with representatives of dozens of companies offering both access to numerous forms of saving and offering various types of investment products. Exhibitors will include developers, brokerage houses, companies offering real estate investments in the Condo system, banks, listed companies, investment funds, Forex platforms, startups and other entities offering alternative forms of investing.

In parallel, lectures and discussion panels will be open to everyone during the Forum. Speakers will include top representatives and experts from individual market segments. At the same time, the range of topics raised will be very wide, so that everyone can find something for themselves.

The event is organized by the Association of Individual Investors (SII), and Grupa Kapitałowa IMMOBILE S.A. is one of its partners.

On the first day of the Forum, on Friday, January 10 at 17:30, we particularly invite you to the panel discussion 'Real estate market, buy now, or wait for investment decisions?', In which Rafał Jerzy, President of the IMMOBILE Group with many years of experience in the real estate and investment market, will act as one of the experts. Together with him, Michał Zuławiński and Krzysztof Kolany from the portal and dr Iwona Sroka, representing Murapol S.A., will participate in the discussion.

During the event, GK IMMOBILE will also be available at its stand during the Fair, giving the possibility of a direct meeting and conversation with representatives of several dozen companies from the finance, real estate, or alternative investment opportunities. During the fair, each participant will be able to talk to representatives of these entities and specialists from a specific industry, who will explain all problems related to a given market or product in an accurate and accessible way, and will provide conference participants with substantive advice. We cordially invite you to our stand!