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Stay safe in Focus Hotels (video)
Data publikacji: 23.02.2021

For several days now, Focus hotels have been able to enjoy the freedom of receiving guests again! We want the stay in our hotels to be safe and comfortable for everyone, which is why we have introduced a number of procedures in the entire Focus Hotels chain to minimize risk. Łukasz Florczak, the hotel director, shows the viewers around the four-star facility in Gdańsk, showing how it was adjusted to the prevailing rules.

The code of good practice, which was mentioned in the video, includes such prevention elements as:

  • Safe reception

    Receptionists use masks and protective gloves

    Disposable face masks are available at the reception

    There are certified electronic thermometers at the hotel reception

    Staff systematically disinfects their workplaces

    There is a hand sanitizer in the reception hall

    Each hotel has a check-in area at a safe distance from the reception. The zone is equipped with disinfectant liquid, disposable gloves, and disposable pens

    During the check-in, guests must keep an appropriate distance from each other (the distance is determined by special lines placed on the floor)

    Each guest is asked to fill in a health declaration

  • Safe rooms

    All equipment and flat surfaces are fully disinfected in the rooms

    The bathroom in each room has been thoroughly disinfected. You can safely use bathroom faucets, cisterns and other equipment

    The TV remote control has been disinfected and packed in a disposable zip-up bag

    All door and window handles, light switches, chair handle, desk, telephone and bedside tables have been disinfected with an alcohol-based antibacterial liquid

  • Safe public space

    Disinfection is carried out periodically in the hotel public areas

    The hotel bathrooms have hand disinfectants

    In visible places there are instructions on disinfecting hands, rules for using gloves and masks

    The playrooms have been excluded from use

    The sauna and fitness area have been excluded from use

  • Prepared staff

    Each employee has the temperature measured before entering the hotel

    Hotel employees with any symptoms of a cold are not allowed to perform their duties

    All employees have been trained in the procedures for disinfecting workplaces

    All employees work in protective masks and gloves

    Employees are required to regularly disinfect their hands and their workplaces

    All deliveries to hotels are left in front of the building in order to minimize contact between staff and suppliers

  • Personal security

In the interests of the safety of each guest, please also follow the instructions below:

Wash your hands with antibacterial soap immediately after entering the room

Don't touch your face, nose or mouth

Avoid crowded places

Keep a minimum distance of 2 meters from other people

Use the elevator one at a time

Be responsible - refrain from shaking hands and other physical contact.

Keep your activity to a minimum, if possible stay in the room.

If you feel unwell or have a suspicion that you have had contact with a person infected with coronavirus, call the reception - our staff will advise you or help you call the appropriate services.

Our restaurant will deliver breakfast / lunch / dinner to your room after ordering by phone.