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Tree Day with Grupa Kapitałowa IMMOBILE and Immo Foundation
Data publikacji: 11.10.2019

Grupa Kapitałowa IMMOBILE together with the Immo Foundation, on the occasion of the 'Tree Day' on October 10, inaugurated new initiatives related to caring for the environment, planting trees in urbanized urban space. Maples and plane trees decorated the premises of the Faktoria shopping center in Bydgoszcz, located at the intersection of two large and crowded streets - Gdańska and Kamienna.

12 people representing the company took part in the planting. Among them was, among others President of the Board Rafał Jerzy and members of the management boards of subsidiaries: Piotr Szczeblewski and Dariusz Szczechowski from Projprzem Makrum, Andrzej Witkowski, Jacek Kazubowski and Maciej Wawrzyniak from CDI and Dariusz Aranowski representing PROMStahl. New trees - spherical maples and plane trees, were planted next to the office buildings and on the islands of the car park of the Faktoria Shopping Center. This small gesture is a preview of new initiatives that we want to take with the future in mind, to live in a healthy, sustainable and clean city.

Tree Day is an important holiday for the company, also due to the Group's leading development investment - the Platanowy Park estate, whose patrons are plane trees - exceptionally beautiful trees with a spreading crown. Together with many other species of shrubs, flowers and wood, they decorate the largest modern housing estate in Bydgoszcz. Platanowy Park is a green island on the city map, where, along with the construction of further buildings, the investor takes care of the unique arrangement of green areas. The first plane trees on the investment site were planted a few years ago by members of the company's management board during the inauguration of this estate's construction.

Our goal is to care for the green - life-giving part of our urban ecosystem. Caring for green areas, planting plants that absorb air pollution and preserving biodiversity are important activities that we want to implement through the activities of the Immo foundation. We want to sensitize residents to the urban environment in the context of climate change. We want to spread pro-ecological attitudes, increase the awareness of each of us to the essence of maintaining a balance between infrastructure and greenery.

Why do we plant trees? Here are the goals of the Immo foundation:

  • minimizing of effects of climate change in the city,

  • popularizing sustainable development of urban infrastructure in order to preserve a friendly and healthy ecosystem,

  • introducing solutions allowing the use of rainwater to water green areas,

  • increasing biodiversity in cities by greening free spaces,

  • leveling of air pollution.

More information about these initiatives and the Immo foundation is coming soon!